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July, 2015

Lukewarm Leadership: Knowledge without Practice

A surprising condition among those in leadership positions is a tendency to avoid taking or deferring action when various business challenges or crisis occur. This might be a difficult or complex organization issue, supporting an ambitious new product plan, standing up for the organization to senior management or the board, or engaging in a difficult customer relationship.

A leader operating from the sidelines normally has adequate training and education to deal with the circumstance but, when called upon to take action, they take a sideline position. This might be described as having “knowledge but not practicing it” or what I call – lukewarm leadership.

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The Lukewarm Leader
A lukewarm leader is goes through the motions in performing their responsibilities. They pride themselves in making decisions and involvement in what they describe as . . . read more.
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Feature Article

10 Communication Secrets Of Exceptional Leaders

by Travis Bradberry Contributor, Forbes

Exceptional leaders are masters at communicating with people. They intentionally inspire people with powerful messages. The following 10 secrets are key to successful communication:

  1. They Know Their Audience
  2. They Are Experts In Body Language
  3. They Are Honest
  4. They Are Authentic
  5. They Speak With Authority
  6. They Speak To Groups As Individuals
  7. They Have Ears (And They Use Them)
  8. They Use Phrases Like “It’s My Fault,” “I Was Wrong” And “I’am Sorry”
  9. They Solicit Feedback
  10. They’re Proactive

Are you a good communicator?

Click here to read the complete article and discussion of each secret.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you intentionally communicate with your organization?
  • Do you get feedback on your communication ability?
  • Do you use a mentor to develop your communication style?

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