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June, 2012

Six Principles of Successful Leadership

Rising to a leadership position (CEO, Sr. Executive, General Manager, VP, etc.) is a highly sought objective for many in key management and contributor positions. Many get there as a result of hard work, significant accomplishments, demonstrated ability and successful track record.

An important part of a successful transition into this new role is the recognition that they need to help others reach the success that prompted their promotion.


However, many overlook and avoid this important responsibility of their new position. Consequently they just work harder to do what they did to get there instead of mentoring, coaching and developing others to improve their performance - freeing them to address the true leadership responsibilities.

Here are a number of principles that will have a significant impact on your performance in a leadership position if executed properly. . . . read more.

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Feature Article

"If You Aren't Social, You'll Shrink:
10 Steps To Becoming a Social Business

by Christine Comaford, Contributor,

Articles on social networking and business have appeared for some time. I have chosen in the past to let industry sort out the direction it felt was best for their particular business and market. This article was selected because of the issues that it raises in making this important decision for your company. The "Social Enterprise" may not be a fit for everyone but it is something we should be aware of and where it might fit in your business model.

Read the full article and take a look at the 10 steps to build a social enterprise.

  1. Define a meaningful purpose.
  2. Ensure simplicity and user experience is key.
  3. Have a 'social' executive sponsor.
  4. Make social adoption a team sport.
  5. Don't over analyze corporate social collaboration guidelines.
  6. Create social collaboration functional groups.
  7. Provide "Lunch & Learn" social media and collaboration employee training.
  8. Measure adoption.
  9. Recognize achievements.
  10. Passionately embrace change and have fun.

The social enterprise is not for everyone but do not take for granted your current relationship with your customers as their buying preferences change and technology shifts the manner in which people interact with the marketplace.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • What is your 'social enterprise' quotient?
  • What is your customers online experience?
  • Do you measure 'social enterprise' adoption?

If you are unsure about your 'social enterprise' strategy contact Mike to learn about the Business Planning and Assessment services available from Brice Consulting for your organization.

Management Resources
Leadership: Morten Hansen, management professor at UC Berkeley, describes the traits leaders need to help their organizations thrive in times of chaos and uncertainty.
How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck (5.22 min)

Collaboration: Cathy Davidson, Duke University professor and HASTAC cofounder, shares new ways to collaborate, share, and learn, which make teams more productive.
Collaboration by Difference (3:44 min)

Business Development: What does every successful business owner have in common? They are fanatically focused on taking care of their customers. They wake up every day with buyers on their minds. They think to themselves, "I must do everything in my power to keep my customers happy and buying often. I can't lose them to a competitor."
Take Care Of Customers To Scale A Business

Leadership: The people I have the hardest time respecting seem constitutionally unable to take responsibility for their own mistakes.  Even when they try, it comes out sounding like "I may have been partly at fault, but…" or "It may seem that I was wrong, but…"  They just can't do it.
Courageous Leaders Don't Make Excuses...They Apologize

Motivation: Steve Jobs didn't sketch one character in Pixar's new movie, Brave, but his handprint is on every frame.
Steve Jobs' Four Magic Words That Built Pixar

Productivity: One of my colleagues used to head to the men’s room and brush his teeth every time he felt a surge of writer’s block. He swears it did the trick.
Eight Ways Goofing Off Can Make You More Productive

Coaching: Every manager knows that feedback is essential to the growth and development of employees, but too often feedback lacks meaning for one simple reason: It's not linked to expectations.
Coach Your Employees to Succeed: A 4-Step Primer

Goals: It’s been said that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. That’s why goals are so important.
3 Simple Goals You Must Set to Succeed

Productivity: Look, we can spend all day guessing what your particular distractions are, but it doesn't really matter. We all have them. Some amount of mindless downtime is good for you. The problem is that as a culture, we're becoming obsessed with everything and everyone else. And the one thing we should be focusing on -- ourselves -- is getting left behind.
How to stop avoiding what must be done

Impressions: I have a number of super--successful Silicon Valley clients who dress in ripped denim, Vans shoes and t-shirts. They are worth hundreds of millions, even more, but it's a status symbol to dress like you're homeless to attend board meetings. Conversely, I have worked with trash-hauling company executives who dress in suits and ties every day of the week. And this contrast shows the dramatic shift that has occurred in business attire in recent years, as each industry has developed its own rules.
The new rules on dressing for success

Customer Satisfaction: I recently had the displeasure of dealing with a major national wireless phone carrier with a history of giving me (and many others) horrible service. Ironically, one of the things the company did to upset me in this latest - and inevitably final - interaction was... to give me money.
If you do something for a customer, do it happily

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