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June, 2014

What Can Seal Training Teach You about Leadership?

Adm. William H. McRaven, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, gave the 2014, University of Texas at Austin, commencement address.The theme of the address was the graduation event marks the beginning where the graduates will have the opportunity to change the world.

To guide them in pursuits, Admiral Rosen shared the benefit of his experience from undergoing the demanding training to become a Navy Seal. Seal training seeks to find those who can lead in an environment of constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships. While the commencement address was directed at how each person could use this advice at a personal level, I saw significant parallels in a business context.

Check List
Adm. Rosen organized his comments into 10 life lessons that he learned from his Seal training. Using the same organization titles I have applied a business context to each one. While his examples (click here to read the complete commencement address) were to help on a personal level, these same lessons are applicable to . . . read more.
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Feature Article

The Top 10 Performance Appraisal Blunders a Manager can Make

by Dan McCarthy, Management

A critical role in management is the development of employees and their progress toward being highly productive employees contributing toward the success of the business. That said, it is too often the case that the performance appraisal process results in a negative experience for the employee instead of a desired positive outcome.

Here are 10 blunders that managers make when conducting the performance appraisal.

  1. Keep them guessing
  2. Unbalanced documentation
  3. Avoid frequent contact with your employees throughout the year
  4. Pass off all of the preparation to others
  5. Asking for too much "input"
  6. Not scheduling enough time
  7. Poor preparation
  8. One way monologue
  9. Neglect development
  10. Insincere praise

How effective is your performance appraisal process? Are you guilty of committing one or more of these blunders?

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you regularly discuss performance with employees?
  • Do you invest the time and energy to make the apprasial valuable for the employee?
  • Do you listen during the apprasial on how the employee sees their performance?

If you are looking for guidance to on performance appraisals contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Leadership Resources
Leadership: Leadership is the key to success. Take control of your business and become the leader you were meant to be.
True Leaders Don't Quit (6:02 min)

Metrics: Business owners who know their cost of sales (also known as cost of goods sold), usually have a strong picture of their business’s needs. These leaders understand what it takes to create their core service or product - and can better focus as a result.
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Process Management: Illustrates the tendency of typical business organization to create dysfunctional silos versus effective processes that serve the needs of the customer.
Process Management: An Overview (6:52 min)

Accountability: Accountability -- aka, effectively handling the "control" aspect of management -- is a surprisingly pervasive problem in business.   I recently came across a couple of data points that highlighted this problem, and made me give thought to ways organizations and individual managers could systematically improve it.
How To Improve Management Accountability In Your Organization

Data Strategy: The ongoing digitalization of our environment has created a vast amount of data about just about every aspect of what we get up to.
Do You Have A Data Strategy?

Workplace: By now, we are all familiar with the Post-PC era: a time when SmartPhones, tablets and other mobile devices have pushed aside PCs. After all, we live in it. What are the implications of this technology on the workplace.
The Wearable Era Is Here: Implications For The Future Workplace

Mobile Apps: “No single competency is enabling us to elevate the Starbucks brand more than our global leadership in mobile, digital, and loyalty.  Starbucks is a clear leader in mobile payments and we are encouraged by how consumers have embraced mobile apps as  a way to pay.”- Howard Schultz, 2013
Why Is The Starbucks Mobile Payments App So Successful?

New Hires: HR and leaders need to be on the look-out for employee potential -- a real-time alignment between the business's needs, new employees in the onboarding and hiring process, and existing employees who may have unrecognized potential.
The Onboarding Experience Matters To Your Future Employees

Personal Development: Want to avoid giving the impression you lack confidence and authority? Avoid these words.
10 Words People Who Lack Confidence Always Use

Branding: One of my firm's clients--a regional pizza chain--rarely advertises, never discounts, won't issue coupons, and doesn't even deliver. Yet they're one of the most beloved brands in town.
Branding Begins at Home

Millennials: The corporate world shaped by Baby Boomers is fast-changing as they retire in droves, and the new generation will not accept Office Space as a workplace reality. Few were in the workforce when the cult movie premiered 15 years ago. What motivates the Millennial's?
The 7 Keys to Inspiring Millennial's at Work

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