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May, 2012

Conquering Fear

Successfully running a business involves conquering fear on a regular basis. You may be self-confident, trim/fit/energetic, highly trained and educated, a natural for the job but this does not mean that you will be immune to fear when confronted with a business challenge. When we find ourselves outside our comfort zone or when there does not seem to be a clear, low-risk, path to success we are most vulnerable to fear.

We all have doubts about our ability, feel threatened about things we cannot control, become sensitive to criticism and meeting the high expectations of others just to name a few reasons why fear is present in our business lives. Yes, even those who appear to be immune to such feelings experience fear but they have developed techniques and behavior to deal with it.


We all know leaders who are highly successful more likely due to their ability to conquer fear than their technical or management competence. They appear fearless but only as a result of keeping their fear in check, keeping it in perspective and converting it into an asset (winning) and not letting . . . read more.

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Feature Article

"How To Succeed In Business By Really Trying"

by Victor Lipman,

Victor Lipman observes that success is much less the product of one brilliant idea than of a great deal of hard work, well executed and sustained over a long time.

Five activities that can be worth really trying to put extra time into.

  1. Learn the business.
  2. Make yourself indispensable.
  3. Provide solutions, not problems.
  4. Be a great collaborator.
  5. Come early, stay late.

The moral: No one will just hand you a position of great value for nothing.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • What is your plan to earn the responsibility that you seek?
  • How committed are you to the outcome?
  • How effective are you working with others and offering solutions and not problems?

If you are unsure about how your customer views your business contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization. Don't let your ego stand in the way of making a decision to get feedback on your sales and customer relationship effectiveness. What matters is knowing that you need to make a change and to engage competent resources to improve your sales performance.

Management Resources
Leadership Development: If you've been around the business world long enough and have achieved a high level of success and responsibility, there are a couple of things about you that can be said with certainty.
One Underappreciated Quality Successful Executives Can't Do Without

Micromanagement: If you've ever worked with a micromanager, you know how unproductive and demoralizing it can be. This control freak is reluctant to delegate, may second-guess everything you do, and can shake your confidence in your own abilities. Simple tasks that you could accomplish quickly if left to your own devices take twice as long. Your efforts may be reduced to dust as the micromanager completely re-does your work.
How to Manage a Micromanager

Communication: As our worlds get smaller with the advent of online social graphs and open networks in public view, our opportunities increase to intelligently connect the dots.  Knowing you've made an introduction that will equally benefit both people being introduced is terrific feeling. But, making an introduction in our fast paced world is more challenging now than it used to be.
How To Make The Perfect Email Introduction

Sales Tools:The world is inundated with sales tools: worksheets, playbooks, sales scripts, software, brochures, and so forth. But all of those sales tools put together are insignificant if you don't have the intellectual and emotional tools that truly create success. Here are seven sales "tools" you need to develop:
7 Most Powerful Sales Tools

CEO Success: The theme of a recent IBM study is connectedness, underscoring how collaboration is essential to the way CEO's engage with employees, customers, and new business partners. "More than half of all CEO's see human capital, customer relationships, and innovation as key sources of sustained economic value," the study states.
Keys to CEO success: Connect and collaborate

Mentor: Executives don't just fall out of the sky. Business leaders aren't born that way. Success is not a given, a preordained event for a select few. It comes to those who are driven to learn, work hard, and achieve.
The accidental mentor: Your boss

Housekeeping: Just like closets and kitchens get a spring cleaning this time of year, small business owners should also take the time to dust off old contracts, test new systems and polish up policies and procedures that may need some sprucing up. Here’s a small business spring-cleaning checklist for the tidy entrepreneur.
Three Tips for Spring Cleaning the Office

Web Site SEO: Many online businesses make money by selling advertisements on their websites. But sites that have too many ads at the top of their pages could suffer in Google’s search rankings.
How Ads on Your Site Can Affect SEO (1 min)

Liability: Of all the personal assets to protect in case your business gets sued, your house should be among the most important.
How to Legally Protect Your Home If Your Business Is Sued (1 min)

How Sharp Are You?: To test your mental acuity, answer the following questions.
10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness

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