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November, 2011

Is Your Organization Teed Up for Success?

Conventional management thinking relies upon strategic planning as the primary method to align company resources to achieve business success. I support this thinking for the most part but I believe the strategic planning process may not consider all of the issues that it should. The typical strategic planning process may not surface key organization shortcomings that need to be addressed and resolved or they will handicap the organization and keep it from achieving its goals and objectives.


The leadership team may be transparent and unencumbered by political infighting however peer pressure may be present to some degree keeping certain issues critical to a successful strategic planning process from surfacing. Bias, (always present in some form), is also a key factor that needs to be neutralized or it will distort how controversial issues are viewed.

Organization Diagnostic Tool
A great addition to the strategic planning process is the use of a diagnostic tool to contrast the strategy, design and culture of the organization as viewed by three critical parties:

  1. The CEO,
  2. The leadership team, and
  3. The staff at large.

This multi-dimensional view of the organization provides excellent input to the strategic plan process. It will also aid in clarifying and aligning interests between the parties, which may be hindering adoption, and achievement.

This diagnostic tool is extremely effective in . . . Read More.

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Feature Article

"Self-Confidence and Success"

by Marshall Goldsmith,

Goldsmith applies the principle of "previous success" used by many athletes to business leadership. A huge part of leadership success comes from previous success. As we encounter new or unusual circumstances it is self-confidence that provides the courage to take a risk and lead the business to new success.

On the other hand too much self-confidence can become an issue when we see ourselves doing more than we really are. This can lead to an individual overrating themselves relative to peers leading to delusions of superiority.

It is important to note that the more success that we have the more resistant we become to negative feedback.

Note: Developing and using your self-confidence is important to the success of your business. You also need to recognize when to be humble and reign in your ego and feelings of self-accomplishment.

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