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November, 2013

Do You Value Process Engineering?

I am a strong believer in business owners and senior leadership teams taking the time to understand, at a detail level, the workflow and processes of the business that they own or run. My foundation for this belief is based on my years as a senior manager and business owner.

I have invested in detail process and workflow reviews and, where necessary, re-engineered process steps to make them correct, optimizing them for efficiency, or eliminating non-value add activity. Upon completion and reasonable execution the business benefited significantly.

Check List
Value Proposition
The value of investing in a business process engineering discipline is that it commits the leadership team to operating by design and not by accident or, in some cases, the preferences of individual performers. No matter how small your business is, it is surprising how many basic business functions vary in how they are performed resulting in unexpected cost, confusion, delays, uncertain product or service quality and more significantly, an inconsistent or unpredictable customer experience.

Process Mapping
Process mapping consists of breaking the workflow of your business into basic functions and diagramming the various inputs and outputs of each function as they currently perform (an as-is diagram). In addition, key decision points and decision criteria should be included that affect . . . read more.

Mike Brice
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Feature Article

7 Common Mistakes Bosses Make

by Peter Economy,

Peter Economy takes a look at the types of mistakes that are characteristic of bad-bosses. A bad-boss is one that does not address a mistake and correct it that can lead to poor company performance, moral problems.

Here is a list of 7 common bad-boss mistakes:
  1. Failing to communicate.
  2. Going for the quick fix over the lasting solution.
  3. Failing to delegate.
  4. Not setting goals with employees.
  5. Resisting change instead of leading change.
  6. Not recognizing employees' achievements.
  7. Taking it all too seriously.
Click here to read the complete article.
Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you have a track record of not correcting mistakes?
  • Do you have a strategy to get feedback on your management style?
  • Do you have a regular process of sampling employee attitudes toward the company?

If you are looking for guidance to eliminate bad-boss mistakes contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Leadership Resources
Leadership: Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, authors of the HBR article "The Wise Leader," explain how the best executives strive for the common good.
Wise Leadership (9:58 min)

Product Introduction: Joan Schneider and Julie Hall of Schneider Associates, coauthors of the HBR article "Why Most Product Launches Fail,"" explain how to attract and maintain consumers' attention.
Lessons from New Product Launches -- Cell Zone to iPad (11:04 min)

Process: Process mapping may be seen as boring or whatever, but come learn about it today! Process mapping has the potential to stimulate change at every org out there.
Quick Overview of Process Mapping (10:02 min)

Body Language: I see it all the time. When people find out that I've been hired to speak about body language, everyone does the same thing: they change their posture. They hold their head higher, pull their shoulders back and tighten their abdominal muscles.
The Most Important Body Language Signal For Success

Relationships: How many times have you been introduced to someone and you can immediately sense that they don't like you?  When this happens with a new member of your team, your new boss, a prospective new client and the like, you must find a way to quickly turn this situation around.
5 Ways Leaders Win People Over

Culture: Take a look at how companies themselves need to evolve and change so that they can not only attract and retain top talent, but so that they can continue to exist and thrive in the future.
The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Company

Education: A dirty little secret of higher education is that faculty members at most American colleges and universities have never taken a course on how to teach. This is true of faculty at elite institutions like Yale University as well as those at broad-access campuses like those in the California State University System.
College Professors: Before You Teach, Learn How!

Leadership: Building a great leadership team is one of your most important jobs as CEO. But it can also be one of the hardest. What makes it so hard is that you not only have to find a domain expert but a strong leader who inspires results far beyond your team's abilities. More confusing is the fact that most experienced domain experts are often terrible leaders, while great leaders often have resumes that won't make it past your screening process. 
The Interview Question That Reveals a True Leader

Strategy: Most entrepreneurs agree that the ability to consistently execute is a key factor in surviving the start-up phase and ultimately winning. That said, you cannot make a pig fly, no matter how much you stick with it. In other words, a crummy plan executed well still gets you crummy results. So start with a solid strategy.
6 Simple Questions for Building a Solid Strategy

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