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November, 2014

What Are Your Core Business Values?

Most business owners claim that their businesses operate on a set of core values. Many of these same business owners will claim, and even boast, that these core values guide every aspect of the business. However, when I performed an assessment of many of these organizations, it quickly became obvious that the “real” core values were significantly different from the published core values posted in the lobby, framed proudly in the boardroom, or appearing prominently in the annual report.
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Why is this?
The biggest conflict I find between businesses successfully implementing and executing their core values consistently is a function of the, “Do as I say, not as I do!” attitude. Listing a set of desirable core values is easy to do and there are many sources for developing core values appropriate for your business and industry. However, some core values may prove to be a major obstacle to . . . read more.
Mike Brice
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Feature Article

America does not have a lock on entrepreneurial successes. Reginald Mengi is one of Africa's leading business owners - newspapers, television stations, mining and beverage bottling. Mengi uses social media to advise and inspire African entrepreneurs and has more than 108,000 followers.

The following is a brief list of tweets (4 out of 10) from his social media feed to inspire and motivate readers.

  1. “I always strive to do better today than I did yesterday.”
  2. “Everything you see is the product of someone’s imagination or dream. What is your imagination? What’s your dream?”
  3. “Focus on what you are best at and not what you are weakest at.”
  4. “You can change your life if you truly believe you can be what you want to be.”

How do you motivate and inspire others around you? Can you use these quotes or variations effectively in your business?

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Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you use positive statements to motivate your employees?
  • Do you demonstrate a positive work style when dealing with adversity?
  • Do you involve others in creating a positive work environment?

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Leadership Resources
Business Processes: Business processes are the small working pieces that together encompass the supply chain. Thus supply chain managers are tasked with making every business process within a supply chain effective, efficient, and adaptable. Companies and supply chains are dependent on well-designed and well-managed business processes to expand and grow in a healthy manner.
Business Processes (4:12 min)

Sales - Calculating ROI to Close the Sale: Using a simple example for calculating the ROI or Return On Investment of a product or service for a client making a purchase.
Calculating the Return On Investment (2.36 min)

Leadership: Many might say that research and experience over the past decade or two demonstrate that leadership is far better learned than taught.
Can Leadership Be Taught?

Management: "I can teach one how to sell, but I can't teach one how to work hard. That needs to come from within."
How To Be A Boss When You've Never Had A Boss

Customer Loyalty: Companies recognize the importance of keeping customers for life, but are still focusing more on new customer acquisition for revenue growth.
Why Do Companies Undervalue Customer Loyalty?

Personal Development: Do you ever think that nobody sees the real you, the likable you? Jump into this list and immediately start endearing yourself to others.
10 Things That Likable People Do Consistently

Investors: Why say what you mean ... when something else sounds a lot better?
17 Lies Startup Founders Tell Potential Investors

Product Development: You should budget for a working prototype, research that demonstrates demand for your product, and market testing that elicits some feedback from potential customers. Where does the money come from?
How to Raise Money for a Prototype

Improve Your Business: Creative people are curious people and that curiosity helps them embrace the new and untried. It is curiosity that drives creatives to explore different ways of doing business, like trying out creative contract ideas (performance-based, revenue-sharing, etc.) to find the best fit for their client.
Using Creativity to Build and Improve Your Business

Promotion: Too often, businesses neglect making the most of their greatest commodity when it comes to creating content for marketing initiatives -- its people.
Say Cheese! 4 Reasons You Need a Business Photo Shoot

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