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October, 2014

Procrastination: Business Poison

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” Victor Kiam

Procrastination is an insidious force that can compromise the effectiveness of highly qualified professionals, and organizations, thus poisoning the productivity and potential success of the business. What is so amazing is that procrastination is not due to what you cannot control such as market forces, strong competition, unpredictable customer demand but to what each individual can control, in what they elect to do, each day.
Check List
Procrastination is defined as postponing or delaying something. While there may be good reasons, in some cases, for delaying action on completing tasks or making decisions, it is important to understand what factors justify a delay. If the factors were beyond your control then the delay might be justified. On the other hand, if the factors were what you chose to accept to justify the delay, then you most likely . . . read more.
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Feature Article

Hiring highly self-motivated people is essential to building the right team. However, there are workplace factors that leadership needs to address to not de-motivate the people that have been highly recruited. The author highlights 10 factors that can contribute to a lack of motivation that leadership should to eliminate from the workplace to get full employee value.

  1. Inadequate rewards
  2. Awful office space
  3. No self-development
  4. Inefficient collaboration
  5. Negative people
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Lack of clear goals
  8. Micromanaging bosses
  9. Useless meetings
  10. Wasting your team's time

Do you recognize any of these conditions in your workplace? What action are you now going to take to eliminate it (or them) from your workplace?

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Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you address workplace factors that motivate employees?
  • Do you involve employees in evaluating the workplace as a place to work?
  • Do you make yourself accessible to employees to voice concerns regarding the workplace?

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Leadership Resources
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Sales Development: “I can teach one how to sell, but I can’t teach one how to work hard. That needs to come from within.”.
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Leadership: Great leaders focus on achieving BOTH task excellence and relationship excellence. This dual focus produces sustainable superior performance.
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Leadership vs. Management: There is a difference between management and leadership. While the two terms are often used interchangeable management and leadership are not the same.
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