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September, 2012

Key to Improving Performance: Baseline Assessments

To be competitive on the tennis court, golf course or effective working out at the gym it is an accepted practice of business owners and senior executive leaders to engage a coach or trainer to help them do better in their selected sport or activity. The first session is used to evaluate basic movements so that a "baseline" ability can be diagnosed. An action plan is then developed to create new body action, follow-up sessions scheduled to develop muscle memory along with periodic "assessments" to determine progress from the baseline toward a new level of performance.

In today's highly competitive global business climate it is imperative for organizations seeking high performance to have every business process operating at an effective level. You would think it would be common for owners and senior leaders to engage a business coach or trainer to strengthen their business performance.


However, their is a lot of resistance to engage a coach or trainer to assist in diagnosing areas of the organization that are not operating properly (i.e. golf back swing, tennis backhand, incorrect breathing when lap swimming, etc.) and developing an action plan for improvement. This is particularly true of . . . read more.

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Feature Article

This article points out the 10 questions that every business plan should have. The problem is many businesses do not have a formal business plan. Running a business can be an overwhelming responsibility before engaging in a business plan process. However, the benefits of having an effective plan exceed the extra effort to create, review and update your plan. The questions in the article are tuned for a startup or new business. i have tailored them for an existing business.

How many of the following questions are addressed by your business plan process?

  1. What need does your business exist to satisfy?
  2. How does your business satisfy the need?
  3. How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?
  4. Who are the key players in the business and do their core competencies/experience meet or exceed their responsibilities?
  5. How big is the market that you operate in?
  6. Who do you target as customers and what is the compelling argument that should cause them to select your product or service?
  7. What are your most effective marketing and promotional strategies?
  8. What are the economics of your business?
  9. What is your strategy to be cash flow positive and sustain cash reserves?
  10. What needs to happen to accomplish your business objectives in the next 12 months?

Whether you need to qualify for a loan, attract an investor or just improve your business you need a plan to do it intentionally by answering these questions.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you use an annual business plan process to guide your business?
  • Does the planning process involve key operations of the business?
  • Are your management team and key employees invested in the planning process?

If you question the effectiveness of your business planning process contact Mike to learn about the Business Plan Development services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Management Resources
Customer Experience: Anne Morriss, managing director of the Concire Leadership Institute, explains how the coffee giant increased efficiency and satisfaction by treating customers like employees.
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Process: Eric Ries, entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School, explains how to find the human causes of technical problems.
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Employee Morale: "This wasn't supposed to happen to me." You quietly chant it as you leave at the end of the day and get into your car. We've all endured those days of emergency overhauls and conflicting directives and double-dealing clients. Those days have become the norm for you. And the words "no control, no respect, no future" circle around in your head like a ticker.
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Prospecting: Sales is the heartbeat of every company. Just look at the national retail sales data reported yesterday -- which shows small increases larger than analyst expectations up 1.2 percent in July.  That gets business heartbeats moving faster
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Motivation: Your level of success is predetermined by the words you use every day. Avoid these five "failure" words.
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Value Proposition: A new school year has arrived. As teachers and students wipe away the cobwebs that formed over the summer, so too should we return to the basics of business: creating a compelling value proposition. This is the first topic on the first day of Business 101, yet the news is consistently filled with the stories of companies that have fallen out of favor because they have lost sight of how they provide value.
3 Rules of a Compelling Value Proposition

Cold Calling: Will you share strategies that work best when breaking the ice with new prospects over the phone? I have to make some 20-30 calls within a 2 hour period and most clients are rushed and hurried and I find myself racing to get to the point, leaving very little time to build rapport. How do I build rapport immediately in these circumstances?
7 steps to a perfect cold call

Winning: Good teams find a way to win. They find a way to get it done.
Good teams find a way to win

Business Planning: It turns out competition really is good for business. A new study found that businesses that participated in a business-plan competition had higher rates of success than other new business ventures.
Competition is Good For Business (Plans)

Focus: At one of my workshops recently, a man mentioned that he'd like to make better use of his time. In particular, he wanted long stretches of time to focus on big projects. But, as he asked his colleagues in the room, if he didn't return their emails immediately, would they hold it against him?
4 secrets of focused people

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