IT Effectiveness

The alignment of Information Technology (IT) systems which include internal and external hardware, integration of systems to support the business transactions of the company and now, in many cases, online tools that create the customer experience. This is a major investment of company resources - money, people and time - that has a major impact on the success of the company. The effectiveness of your IT environment rises to a critical level as you make it a strategic part of the future of your company.


Brice Consulting reviews your IT environment against your business objectives to see that you are getting the best return. Use and effective implementation of all systems is critical to maximize the effectiveness of your IT resources.


A common result is the discovery that the integrated systems do not contain the business rules of the department and company to unsure that all transactions are treated the same way every time.


In other circumstances, reasonable efforts have not been made to keep the environment current to meet the increasing needs of the business in terms of transaction rates, security, scalability under load and data integrity.

Key Benefits:

An IT review will help you to plan on how to transform your IT infrastructure to better support your business vision. An independent review will provide a basis upon which IT management and company leadership can agree on a course of action and implementation.



IT assessment which would include a strength and weakness evaluation of systems, infrastructure and organization (internal/external). Plan for transformation to deal with immediate short comings as well as long term plan to meet business vision.