Metrics & Dashboards

"What Gets Measured Gets Managed." Peter Drucker

Effective business management is dependent upon accurate and timely feedback from key points in the business process. Capturing metrics from important processes provides a quantitative measure of the process performance. Metrics properly organized onto a "dashboard" provide the ability to quickly "at a glance" get a feel for the health of the business as a whole and indicate existing or upcoming problems if not attended to.

Metrics should be established at specific control points at each level of the organization with summary metrics of groups of operations managed at the next level. A top level dashboard would present the summary of departments, plants, businesses depending upon the size and scale of the business. It may be necessary for lower level metrics to appear on higher level dashboards due to the critical nature they represent to the operation of the business.

The reporting cycle of the metric is critical to the significance of the data. Some might be appropriate on a slow cycle (week or month) and others may need to be daily and the occasional few during a time of stress may need to be captured and reported hourly. Proper use of feedback from the dashboard is not only recognizing "emergency" or "threat" conditions but also serves as an excellent window to the business the impact on equipment and labor when considering changes in business volume or mix.

Dashboards can be maintained manually, on a spreadsheet, linked spreadsheets or integrated report from your business database. The level of dashboard sophistication is not as important as the ability to report critical business metrics in a timely manner so that the business can effectively be managed.

Key Benefits:

Causes the management team to examine what the critical processes are that determine the daily/weekly/monthly health of the business.


Develop a metric/dashboard plan for one or more or all operations of the business using available data collection and reporting tools.

Dashboard Examples