Organized Financial's

Financial reports are not inherently designed to help you managed your business. They provide a good summary of expenses's and revenue but often do not illuminate the detail necessary forensic purposes as to what happened during a period. Consequently they are often kept by the accounting person who uses them for tax and other reporting purposes. However, properly organized financial's can be very help in the day-to-day management of a business to not only understand what happened but to also aid in looking forward and modeling or forecasting the future with some degree of accuracy.

Reporting financial data by line of business and/or cost center aligns the management organization with financial data. The line of business or cost center team can then examine product cost, labor utilization, expenses, material cost, etc. This can also be extended to asset efficiency by profit center.


Key Benefit:

Integrating re-organized financial reports into line of business management will focus management attention on operational issues that can produce improved cost control and delivery efficiency and improved bottom line results.



Brice Consulting analyzes your financial reporting system and prepares a set of recommendations on necessary changes to make your financial's more effective as a management tool. Working with your accounting group and management these new tools can become a regular part of the management process.