Process Review & Analysis

Effective and efficient operation of a company is dependant upon sound business processes. Business processes, however, can often be relegated to faulty procedures and semi-automated systems (spreadsheets) that do not recognize the consistent use of the business rules and practices that are core to the success of the company. The ability of a leadership team to make accurate and timely decisions is based upon data produced by consistently performed business processes.

Brice Consulting performs an in depth independent review of your business processes and practices to assess effectiveness and efficiency of administrative, financial and operational business processes. A process review begins with a high level review with management. This is then combined with conducting a more detailed analysis based on interviews with key personnel.
In certain circumstances a review of business practices using a group session of involved departments and operations to cross check the integration and flow of key transactions and processes of the company

Key Benefits:

A complete review of company processes will uncover gaps, duplication, misunderstandings, confusion and waste that are affecting the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. Managers can commit their time and energy to the core processes that contribute to the success factors of the company.



Process review sessions with company leadership, key employees and departments to review process compliance with day-to-day operation. A detailed report and recommendations of findings along with an action plan to remedy short comings and process voids. A corporate process chart will be produced that documents transaction flow of key processes of the company.