Project Management

A common comment from many companies I talk to is "We have a tough time getting things done!" I regularly find important procedures, practices, web site content out of date when I do assessments. Why is this? Companies tend to focus on what needs to be done today and not providing time to work on tomorrow. Many issues require working across departmental lines which raises the degree of difficulty getting something accomplished when trying to not only coordinate the resources in the primary department but also those from other departments as well to complete a project.


Brice Consulting provides the project management skills to either manage projects or advise a project team to help them run a successful project. In either case the critical success factors for a successful project are:

  • A good project definition that is approved with high level support.

  • A plan that has sufficient detail that everyone involved knows where the project is going.

  • A motivated team that will go the extra mile to deliver a project on time and within budget.

  • Not promising to deliver something that cannot be accomplished.

  • Regular reporting cycle of project progress, accomplishments, shortfalls to all stakeholders to insure that accurate communication occurs with all stakeholders.

  • Avoid scope creep, set expectations correctly from the outset as to what is within scope and what is out of scope.

  • Identify risks that are present in the project and identify to all stakeholders what will be done if anyone of them were to occur.

  • Close the project when it is complete and get a Customer Acceptance before extensions to the project are added.

Key Benefits:

A well managed project will result in highly motivated and committed employees, good communication, and a highly quality delivery on time and with in budget.



Deliverables would include the project specifications and detail plan, high level approval, regular project status, resolution of project conflicts and Customer Acceptance.