Sales Baseline Assessment

The Sales Baseline Assessment is the first step towards improving the effectiveness of your sales and marketing organization. It will give you a baseline measurement of your strengths and constraints, better perceive opportunities and risks, and pinpoint areas to start improving.


Industry best practice areas covered in the assessment are:

  1. Marketing Planning and Process
  2. Marketing initiatives
  3. Sales & Marketing Systems & Tools
  4. Sales process
  5. Prospecting & Qualification
  6. Sales Staff Performance & Effectiveness
  7. Sales Management Performance & Effectiveness
  8. Business Management Performance and Management
  9. Compensation
  10. Professional services/project management
  11. Training & Development

Key Benefits:

Company leadership typically have a good understanding of the issues that are holding them back from faster growth, virtually everyone who takes the assessment finds immediate benefit from questions they never thought to ask themselves about sales and marketing. This process of self-discovery inevitably leads to “ah ha!” moments.



The Assessment provides the following:

  • 25 page Assessment Report including
  • A comprehensive Sales Performance Indicator (SPI)
  • Quadrant Analysis graphically plotting the areas of highest priority
  • Spidergram showing how the members organization compares against hundreds of other firms who’ve completed the assessment
  • Performance Improvement Worksheet(s) for completing specific action steps