Service structured companies and organizations deliver value with the professional skills of their people. Managing the delivery experience on an individual basis is core to the success of a service organization.


The engagement "style" and professional competency of the delivery professional is the basis upon which many customers will evaluate their experience with the service company. Much of this service delivery is performed one-on-one with the customer outside of a "managed" setting. Feedback from the customer then is critical for any service organization to rate the quality of their service.


Service organizations are also dependant upon basic business management skills in order to control cost, forecast demand and employ resources effectively, scale compensation and invest in capital equipment and facilities to provide the infrastructure to operate the business efficiently.


Client services in this market have included:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Value Strategic Planning

  • Organized Financial's

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Product Marketing Tools

  • IT Assessment

  • Executive Coaching

  • Style Training & Coaching

Clients that I have served in the service industry are: