Value Strategic Planning

Traditional strategic planning processes do not necessarily address the "value" objectives of the company. This is particularly true for private companies where it's shares are not traded through a public exchange where a value is established.


A strategic planning process will do a good job of iterating a business plan and objectives for increased performance based upon market based benchmarks and financial objectives. However, it may not address the underlying issue of whether the company is building value in addition to increasing sales and profits.


Value strategic planning is conducted in an integrated workshop session with the leadership team and owner/CEO with a strong desire to build market value into the company. A longer horizon is used to target a future value objective 5 or more years out depending upon the current value position and the future value objective.


Key Benefit:

The workshop experience prepares you and your leadership team to craft a buy/sell proposal. The value of the proposal will then be compared with the current strategic direction of the company to see if it is on a path consistent with the proposal value and value expectations of the ownership. Identification of necessary strategic goals to move the company toward the desired value objective.



The integrated workshop with the owner/CEO and leadership team will be conducted over several sessions. A summary report of discussions and final value strategic objectives will be prepared for the combined team.