Voice of the Customer (VOC) Product Definition

As markets change, global competition emerges, product life-cycles shorten and government regulation impact your product cost structure it is imperative that new products meet or exceed customer expectations. The hit or miss strategies of the past are expensive and high risk. The customer needs to have a seat at the development table.


Brice Consulting can bring a VOC Product Definition process to your new product development. VOC concentrates on getting true customer input but this requires a lot of hard work to reach the customers that like you the least, competitors customers and contacts at existing customers that are defining what their future needs are. A successful VOC process is dependant upon:

  • Solid cross-functional team focus.

  • Executive ownership

  • Major product changes allowed from the process

  • Closure with he customers involved on the their insights and how it influenced the outcome.

  • Financial accountability around new product development and introductions.

How have others benefited from this process?

Cummins India

  • Approximately 15,000 new ideas for product and service improvement were generated as a result of this strategy.
  • The company credits this process with a US$320,000 savings annually, as they have re-organized to make the customer the center of their business.


GE Capital Services

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention scores significantly.
  • Further strengthened the processes in place for making the entire division more driven by the Voice of the Customer and fine-tuned their extensive Voice of the Customer process.


Honeywell Aerospace

  • By including Voice of the Customer initiatives in re-defining service processes, closure rate on service issues increased 28 percent.
  • Customer response time on service requests improved 27 percent.
  • Thanks mainly to cross-functional teams incented on performance and collaboration, there was a 40 percent increase in new business opportunities as a result of re-aligning their organizations using feedback gained from their Voice of the Customer programs.


Key Benefits:

An effective VOC process will drive real customer needs into product design. The iterative process refining customer input removes bias and organization influence on the outcome of product definition. The end effect is a company wide focus on the customer.



Deliverables would include structuring the cross-functional team, securing executive ownership, guiding team to identify customer contacts, customer interview guide, training customer interview team, lead affinity process to comb customer input that would then enter the product planning process.